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When you need a crown (cap), veneer or you have a broken tooth, you need a quick solution with a natural appearance.

How to do a treatment in just ONE session

CEREC® matches all the process in one system, from digital impression and design supported by software, to the production of the final restoration without leaving the consultation.You will be able to have your restored tooth in just one session, we treat the urgencies as they really are, urgent.

Also you can get an implant and orthodontist treatments as INVISALIGN ®

How does it works?

1 – Mouth scan to get a 3D image (omnicam).

2 – Through the computer we design what the patient needs and can check it on a monitor.

3 – Send the design to the 4 shaft machine that sculpts a porcelain block in a few minutes.

What benefits has?

  • Quick

    • Inmediate solution, you don’t have to come another day.
    • Don’t need to send a mould to the dental technician and don’t have to wait for a week to receive the piece and come to the dentist to set it up.
    • Without temporal prosthesis, you use the definitive long life prosthesis.(As less persons takes part and avoiding the sendings between technician and odontologist the chances of being infected are less.
  • Comfortable

    • Comfortable, no retching and no jaw ache
    • 100% fix, material doesn’t expand or contract. Is sculpted directly and fixed perfectly in your dentition.
  • Beautiful

    • Natural appearance, anybody notices the difference.
    • No dark crown margins.
    • No alergic reactions.
    • Healthy gums.

CEREC has been used in more than 35 millions of patients all around the world. Urgencies and cosmetic treatments, is the best solution, quicker and reliable for crowns and veneers.